Get to know our partners: MeMD

Are you looking for the right telehealth option for your clients? Your search is over! We’re excited about our continued partnership with telehealth provider MeMD. The company provides employers and other groups with on-demand, online care for common illnesses, minor injuries, and mental and emotional health concerns.

The market is full of telehealth options, all claiming the same basic benefits. In this sea of sameness, what makes MeMD stand out?

What MeMD Offers

Medical: Employees can access medical care 24/7 from a computer or mobile device. They are treated by MeMD’s highly qualified medical providers, who can evaluate the health concern and provide a personalized treatment plan. When medically necessary, providers can e-prescribe certain medications to the member’s pharmacy of choice. 

On average, employees are connected with a provider in 11 minutes. The entire visit is completed in about 30 minutes. Employees don’t have to wait in an emergency room or urgent care center. It’s convenient, quick and cost-effective – without compromising quality.

Behavioral Health: MeMD members can access a network of nationwide providers for treatment of common mental and emotional concerns including depression, anxiety, marital problems, workplace issues, grief, trauma and others. The provider designs an appropriate treatment plan to help employees resolve their issues, improve their well-being, and enhance productivity and morale in the workplace.

Members log onto MeMD’s platform 24/7 to select their desired appointment date and time. They can connect with a therapist in as few as 48 hours, giving them a convenient and confidential option for therapy. MeMD’s telebehavioral health platform also solves access and cost issues that are common with in-person visits.

Why Quality Matters

Every medical and behavioral health provider in MeMD’s network is credentialed, certified and highly trained. The MeMD team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and mental health therapists who practice in top-notch healthcare facilities across the U.S.

Additionally, all of MeMD’s providers undergo a rigorous credentialing process based on guidelines set forth by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). It’s a point of difference among other telemedicine companies; most do not utilize a formal credentialing process.

Need more proof? An October 2017 patient survey showed that 98.4 percent of patients were satisfied with their experience and provider.

The Edge on Customer Service

Here’s another way MeMD sets itself apart: the company’s customer service is first rate. Unlike most big telehealth providers, MeMD provides a dedicated account manager for the entire relationship.

For you, this means a partner who can assist throughout the sales cycle, including designing a customized package. From there, MeMD works with you to ensure your clients are educated about the telehealth benefit and to boost utilization – which will help them cut healthcare costs over time.

Competitive Pricing

While MeMD provides a lot of “extras” – dedicated account managers, superior quality and excellent customer service – the pricing is competitive with other telehealth providers. Broker commissions are highly competitive, too.

The Edge on Eligibility

An added bonus, your employer groups won’t have to deal with eligibility. Because MeMD is our carrier-partner, your groups will receive eligibility through Navigator. It’s one less headache for HR – and for you.

The Case for Telebehavioral Health

At a time when one in five Americans are struggling with mental health issues, providing access to quality behavioral healthcare has become a growing area of interest for HR professionals. However, while many insurance plans offer mental health benefits, cost, access and a shortage of providers are major barriers to treatment.

Telebehavioral health has emerged as a solution, and many telehealth companies offer therapy and other mental healthcare. However, all telebehavioral health services are not created equal.

MeMD’s provider team includes Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and other equivalently licensed professionals who undergo an extensive credentialing process. Further, MeMD uses a confidential online assessment that’s clinically proven to screen 13 domains of mental health to identify areas of concern and track progress. It helps people understand when treatment may be needed, and it enables counselors to measure progress and outcomes.

Ease of Implementation

MeMD’s programs are easily implemented, requiring much less work on the employer side.

Once up and running, the sales and marketing team will provide the tools and resources to assist your clients in educating their staff about telehealth services and helping HR teams boost utilization.

Next Steps

Interested in learning more? Take a look at MeMD’s profile or contact MeMDs Senior Account Manager Ali Cassidy with questions at